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Our Services.

Demand Analysis

Use a data-driven approach to redesign services to improve health outcomes, reduce cost and improve patient experience.

Service design

Analyse population health and demographic data to measure current and predict future healthcare demand at local and regional levels.

Workforce strategy

Develop a pragmatic workforce strategy that ensures you have the right skills, competencies and experience to deliver high quality, innovative, integrated services.

Project and change Management

Design and management complex projects and change initiatives spanning teams and organisational boundaries.

What our
partners think.

Ben Paglia
CEO, Akea life

Hyre is a great piece of innovation that addresses a complex and hugely expensive issue in the health service. Their reliability and flexibility is good for the doctors, the NHS and the patient.

Julie Lambe
Oaklands Health Centre

In the last few months Hyre has saved us over £5,000 in agency fees. It has also saved me lots of time and effort and been invaluable filling sessions across our group.

Dr Ward
Nook and Clifton Practices

I’m using Hyre for my accounting as well as for finding jobs. I’ve used web based accounts software before but to have everything on an app has made the whole process simpler and easier.

Start saving money, time and gaining control over your resourcing