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HYRE App Becomes Approved Supplier to Bring Flexibility and Resilience to Primary Care and the Wider NHS Family

HYRE is a leading digital platform that makes it simple and cost-effective for Primary Care Networks, GP surgeries and out-of-hour services to build flexible staffing pools and develop a locum bank at Primary Care Network or Integrated Care System level.


Setting Up Flexible Staff Pools

Flexible staff pools have long played an important role in the healthcare industry. Designed to make more efficient use of the skilled workforce, these staff banks bring a number of benefits to the NHS. These benefits include reduced hiring spends, better access to essential skills and professions, an ability to deploy staff across various sites as required, and reduced pressure on human resources following last minute unfilled shifts.


Supporting Vaccination Programmes

The national COVID-19 vaccination programme has become the largest ever vaccine deployment strategy the NHS has ever undertaken. The programme has been developed to ensure that those most at risk of displaying severe symptoms of the virus, or transmitting infection to the vulnerable, are provided with protection. Today, more than 1500 vaccination sites are in operation across the country. Three vaccines have been approved for use in the UK, with the Pfizer and AstraZeneca jabs currently offered.

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